From Prototype to Operative Software – Data Analytics @ Lufthansa

September 5, 2017

From Prototype to Operative Software – Data Analytics @ Lufthansa

Speaker: Dr. Fabian Werner, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

How do data scientists and engineers best bring their expertise into a productive state? – Lufthansa Industry solutions uses a standard approach to operationalize data analytics at organizations. We will give a general overview over analytics use cases at Lufthansa and show some practical use cases from the airline industry such as the prediction of arrival times of aircrafts or whether passengers show up in or- der to take their flight. This includes some words on techniques and technology which are being used in order to tackle these exciting cases. In our airline, a proto- type is in evaluation right now - when an aircraft worldwide goes airborne, our pro- cess pulls the data for that flight and produces a prediction. Furthermore we devel- oped a Web App for measuring the performance, an evaluation process, and a su- pervisor which regularly checks whether or not the model building, rolling window, and prediction processes work as expected. By using our predictions, employees of the Hub Control Center may detect short-timed connections in advance and cause counter measures like a direct transfer of passengers from their inbound flight to their outbound flight. We plan to extend the model in a way that it will incorporate live geolocation data about flights all over the world.

Dr. Fabian Werner

Data Science Consultant, Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Fabian Werner studied computer science and mathe- matics in Darmstadt. After receiving his Ph.D. in number theory (mathematics) in 2014, he moved to Hamburg, where he worked with Opera. He was responsible for the design of a real-time recommender engine for advertisement on mobile devices handling thousands of requests per second. In 2016, he joined Lufthansa Industry Solutions as a Data Science consultant. At the moment, his projects focus is on the airline business (in particular Lufthansa Passage), where he works on different projects regarding the prediction of aircraft and passenger movements.


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